Through my lens I photograph in the Dwingelderveld

Through my lens

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Back in time

Literally and figuratively, I’ll take you with my website. How I look at things before and through my lens. My passion for photographing has started since I traveling by myself.

You come to so many beautiful locations in the Netherlands and beyond, which you just want to capture to enjoy at home. It’s very cool to tell a story of your photos you take.  I’m trying to capture something beautiful so the moment is never lost. An image says more than words.

Capture the moment, this lives forever and it is impossible to recapture the moment in the same way, so grab it!


At first I took the analogue camera with photo rolls from my parents or such a throwaway compact camera. If you only have 24 or 36 photos on one roll, you’ll look closely at what you’re photographing. Yet it was always exciting; wait two weeks until your photos are ready and especially if they succeeded. You can no longer imagine this with a 32GB memory card for thousands of photos that you can watch right away.


In 2001 I bought my first digital compact camera. What an enrichment that was, haha. In the first few years I have been mainly concerned with shooting beautiful pictures. At that time, this was far from creative composition.

The downside or well – from digital photography that you don’t develop, so I have a very large digital archive. With the advent of the digital travel albums, it has become a bit easier. As I got older, I started making more and more special trips. This made me want to have a good camera with more possibilities.

Through my lens

In 2012 I went to Swedish Lapland and wanted to capture the Northern Lights there. Well then the step was quickly taken to the SLR camera and I captured the Northern Lights twice there. Not really sharp, but quite an experience and enjoyed it with my own eyes. In the meantime I was also able to see the Northern Lights in Iceland and then I had more technical knowledge to take a good Northern Light photo.
However, I’m glad I’ve been through the good old days and Appreciate the convenience of taking pictures these days for sure.

In my other blog that follows, I share more info about my photo equipment and portfolio.

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