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Special overnight stay in Drenthe

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The Star of Dwingeloo

Planning a relaxed weekend getaway? Looking for a stay near the nature in Drenthe? Then, as a tip, I can highly recommend the star studio of B&B De Ster van Dwingeloo.

Well in advance I booked our stay at Arina and Marco of The Star of Dwingeloo. I was looking for a small-scale accommodation, which fits in to the theme of our mini break. Our theme was to photograph stargazing and especially the Milky Way. And how nice is it if you can sleep then under the stars without getting cold!

Dwingeloo, as a star village

When I told people we stayed in Dwingeloo, they said oh near the radio telescope. By that they mean the Dutch institute for radio astronomy, called: Astron. The large telescope is located in the Dwingelderveld National Park near the moors. Arina and Marco are one of the initiators to put Dwingeloo on the map as a star village under the heading “Experience the space”. They take this very literally. Do you want to fall asleep in a special way? Then read on.

Heavenly sleeping in the star studios

Don’t count sheep, but stars in a clear sky of course! In addition to the 10 rooms at the B&B, there are two comfortable star studios decorated in the colours: pink and blue. We stayed in the blue star studio, also my favorite color (but that aside).

Interior stars studio

The star studio is spacious and nothing is missing. Very spectacular is the four-poster bed with the large flat-lying glass skylights above that have the same size as the bed. There can be one open, ideal for spotting the stars from your bed. Of course we came for that!

There is a kitchenette with small fridge and a combi microwave so you can prepare your own food. The studio is also equipped with a coffee maker and water kettle. There is also a seating area with 2 armchairs in it, so that you can also relax there and the TV allows you to use the adjustable arm to to set up. If the weather is nice, you can also open the striking doors and you have your own terrace overlooking the lands. In the bathroom there is a rain shower with fountain and toilet.

Special overnight stay in Drenthe: Hospitality, atmospheric and stars

After two hours driving (with a stopover) we arrived in the Drentse Dwingeloo. When we entered the door at the reception; Arina came to greet us. I always like that to a B&B, the personal contact and a quiet private stay. At the reception is the well-known provider rack, where you can grab all kinds of flyers, booklets and tickets from providers from the area. Upon the check-in we were accompanied by the area behind the reception. Here is the “living room” for all B&B guests. Here you can also taste the star theme with all kinds of books and magazines about astronomy, but also general reading food. Behind it is the breakfast room where there is also the coffee/tea machine, which you can use for free.

Attention to detail

Arina guides us down the hall to our star studio. For us, a bottle of Chardonnay and nuts was ready as warmly welcome. As mentioned before, greatly decorated, heaven. The wood look can be seen everywhere, even in the bathroom. In the star studio there is a lot of attention for star-themed accessories such as star soap, wooden wardrobe hanger with stars, star quotes and a star-studd bath mat etc. I love this.

In the morning at breakfast there was a tasty buffet ready for us, with hot eggs and all kinds of sandwiches. The best I found it’s sugar loaf, but this was almost over. If asked, it was equal again ample replenishment. Delicious that hospitality, this is part of a good stay. We felt wonderfully pampered.

Hiking in the Dwingelderveld National Park

The B&B is a few km from the Dwingelderveld. Ideal for taking wonderful forest walks. If you’re bad on your feet, they even have a waiver for you. This allows you to cross the Dwingelderveld by car. Ideal to see and experience even more of the area.

Het Smitsveen in het National Park Dwingelderveld
Het Smitsveen in het National Park Dwingelderveld

Walk the Star of Dwingeloo

You can also book special hiking arrangements at the B&B. You will then get a handy pocket walking guide with all kinds of long walking routes with insider tips from Dwingeloo and surroundings. There is also an app with QR codes, so you can also walk the route on your phone. There is a night walking route yourself, so you can experience nature in the dark. In case of a clear weather you will see a starry sky, because here it is also dark and little city light. The booklet also shows star points with nice catering addresses. The experience points mentioned are real rest points, with what can be seen.

We took a shorter route, part of the family route, because it was fresh weather. Everything was still beautiful in autumn colours. The route to the sheepfold “Achter ‘t Zaand” is a beautiful route along the lake: “Het Smitsveen”. Coincidentally we came across the sheep herder, a beautiful moment when the young dog wanted to drive the sheep in. We were also allowed in wards to cuddle with real Drenthe sheep. Well especially Hendrikje, the heather sheep, wanted to be cuddled. Nice experience especially with children. This booklet was also created by the B&B. Arina also explains that the heath is already colouring pink here in July. And all those kind of fun facts can be read here or get Arina’s cozy chats. The funny thing is that some routes really form a star. The Star of Dwingeloo.

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