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How nice that I piqued your interest! With this website I want to share my knowledge in the field of content marketing and locations & destinations in the event and hospitality industry. On this page I tell you what I can help you with and then I tell my personal story and the emergence of Greatest location.


Do you have or work in a venue, hotel/B&B or restaurant? I help you with online tailor-made content to show the greatest location and connect more with your customers. I believe that the power of text and image makes a location and destination more visible online. Values such as hospitality, commitment, respect and openness, enterprising and result-oriented i find very important. I also see these values in the above branches. How beautiful it is to work together on a common goal. I can enjoy it when I have discovered special locations and can share my passion online with others. I have always organised many events and trips (21 years of experience). Because of this I know the market from different angles and I know what customers want to see. As a Content marketer, I am actually a location scout who likes good food and special nights.

What can you contact me for?

  • From content strategy, to content creation to producing a content marketing plan
  • Valuable content through search engine optimization in Google (SEO) and analytical tools
  • Destination marketing
  • Social media marketing
  • Interior and mood photos of your location
  • Location visit and review via my website with affiliate links


  • Creating, publishing and analyzing texts such as articles, blogs for your website, social media or event, which appeals to your audience
  • Structure and structure website (CMS)
  • Keyword Optimization (SEO)
  • Provision ing and tracking socials
  • Campaign, texts and photos to promote your city and region
  • Customer journey with contact moments

What does it yield?

  • More interaction with customers
  • Visibility/brand awareness for your company
  • Increase in requests/bookings and visitors
  • Increase in traffic on your website and social media

Other collaborations:

  • Are you (Executive) secretaresse or Event manager and looking for a location for your event? I can help with a suitable location for your company, which fits your event objective?
  • Your ad expression on my website, so can.
  • Are you a blogger and would you like to write a guest blog on my website? Then I applaud this, if this is a good addition.
  • Do you have an event soon? Feel free to send a press release. Then I can see if your event is suitable for a visit and to publish a blog or other social media expression about it.

Cooperation is true; that I have to find locations suitable for marketing.
I don't find all locations suitable and I don't place it on my website. Moreover, I think it is important to share qualitative content, which I support myself. I'm handling every application, but this does not guarantee cooperation and/or publication.

Would you like to know more about the possibilities of working with me? You can send me an email: samira@greatestlocation.com and I'll contact you.


I am Samira Pel (1980). As a little girl, my parents already took me everywhere in the Netherlands and out there. In the car I often wrote place names on the way to our destination and took I always have leaflets with me, if we had stayed or eaten somewhere. At the time, a explorer in the cap and actually nothing has changed. I love it to travel and discover new locations and destinations.

Furthermore, I love Good food and I can enjoy the welcoming restaurants, which are eye for detail. I always look forward to minibreaks to be in special locations Overnight.

Nowadays I go a lot with my SLR camera on the road and I scout locations, which I then immediately capture in the picture and about which I write blogs.

Business versus leisure

Because I was organizing and working on languages privately a year old, I chose the MEAO. Gradually I found the travel and event organizing more and more fun, but also the marketing communication aspect to connect people. For a follow-up study I came to NHTV-Leisure Management specialization marketing. I graduated from the visitor experience and contact moments at congresses. Over the past 21 years I have done a lot of interim work from various roles and among others. learned a lot about devising, planning and organizing events, booking all kinds of locations and travel. As a result, I know the market from various angles.

The location was excellent.

With my website I want to inspire people and share tips on great locations and describe my personal experience. In my work I am always looking for event venues and other locations to book. When I talk to people, I notice that I know many nice event venues, restaurants or hotels/B&Bs, but collected this privately in my portfolio. Actually, also a sin, because I also want to share my knowledge more. When I started writing more about this and going to publish it on social media and this was well received, I thought why Don't I create my own website and so Greatest location arose!

Over the course of 21 years a lot has changed in this area, you know what they say: location, location and location. This is so important, but as a location holder alone you won't get there. There are so many locations, restaurants or other places, where you can hold events nowadays than in the traditional venues. As a location, you need to keep renewing yourself and show and share your added value well with others. Especially in this fast time, you will have to excite people and continue to convince you what your location has to offer.

Also for the new generation of professionals who communicate a lot online and mobile, you as a location holder will have to conduct a different marketing. The communication with your customer and target group and findability of your location is so important. As you've read working together under the heading, I can help you with content marketing and create more interaction to convey your message through the right social media/communication channels.

Samira Pel Photography

In addition, I want to share my other business and passion and that is photography. How beautiful is it that you can share content. But what is content without good footage. A good picture says more than 1000 words and can send the message even more strongly.

In 2001 I bought my first digital camera, but in recent years this has become more professional when I bought my digital SLR camera. My first goal was to photograph the Northern Lights (and succeeded!), but i started to use it in business afterwards. My specializations are: interior design, architecture, nature and travel photography. I have recorded many locations and destinations, because I can convey the atmosphere I want to tell in my message.

With my wide-angle lens I can capture good interiors and buildings, but also destinations. In addition, I also have a telephoto lens, with which I like to go into nature for my relaxation to photograph animals. I can help you capture the atmosphere of your location or destination in pictures, with which you can present yourself even better to (future) customers. If you have a new location, aging website photos or do you want more professional high resolution photos for your marketing material, I can be of service to you.

Would you like to know more about the possibilities of working with me? You can send me an e-mail: samira@greatestlocation.com and I'll contact you.

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