Entrance Palkinto Lunchroom in Voorburg

Favorite Friday: location of the week PALKINTO

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PALKINTO Lunchroom in Voorburg

Are you ready for Voorburg’s best hotspot? On October 9, 2019, PALKINTO existed for 1 year. Palkinto is the Finnish word for awarding. I give this location a lot of visitors, because they deserve it! I’ll tell you why…

Fresh mint tea with applecake at Palkinto Lunchroom in Voorburg

If you walk in on the white black mosaics tile mat with PALKINTO on it, you are already kindly welcomed. Here you really still feel in a world where guest friendliness is of paramount importance. Two co-workers behind the coffee shop where smilling when you come in, you feel the warm atmosphere which invited you to enjoy! The interior has a warm Scandinavian look with an army green and pink color and wooden tables on a beautiful wooden floor.

The story of awarding

Monique, the owner, give me a warm welcome with a delicious apple pie, which everyone got to celebrate its 1st anniversary. I asked her why she started PALKINTO. She told me about her work as an orthopedist, where she helps children with disabilities and parents by providing solutions to educating, education and the road to the labour market. She saw by herself several times that people with a distance from the labour market, feel powerless when they lose their jobs again after a short time or have trouble developing their jobs. Monique thought; this can be different thus she started her own catering company PALKINTO and has realized her dream.

The team

Her team consists of about 8 to 10 young people with a care background. In addition, there are a manager and 2 job coaches, who guide the employees and give a lot of time and attention. No one is perfect and everyone has their qualities, visible or not. Personally, I certainly agree with that. Often people with disabilities have even more empathy and seek interaction than anyone else. PALKINTO stands for everyone to be right and has his qualities, with the motto: Everybody is a genius!

During my conversation, one of the employees, Maurice, came by to have a chat. I literally felt his enthusiasm when he began to tell his experiences about the conversations he always had with the guests. Such an employee is worth gold. Monique has built a nice steady team that, on one, everyone still works with pleasure and that’s so noticeable! The conversation and people hit me, wow what a positive vibe hangs here!

Breakfast, lunch and drinks

You’ll be welcome for breakfast, lunch and a drink all day. Everything is made organic, fairtrade and craft. From a smoothie bowl, fresh latte with cake or a wine/beer with drinks board full of small snacks. What’s fun; that the little ones have also been thought of. Where do you see “ranja” on the map? And the kids are allowed to pimp their own sandwich at breakfast! You can also be surprised by the “Palkinto multichef”. What does this mean? Every time new dishes are devised and you can decide the price you want to give for it. The nice thing about this is that you are surprised. In addition, the proceeds of this amount go into the team’s piggy bank, so they can do a nice leisure trip with the co-workers. This week they went from the earned money to the Efteling. How fun is that!

Discover your spot

You can choose from different places: do you want a table with a sitting bench, or at a higher table with a bar stool or still rather relaxed in the seating area with a magazine. In good weather you can also go outside and sit at the terrace.

Meeting location or party to celebrate?

You can do that too! At the back is “the old pink room” where you can work quietly flex, meet, high-tea with about 10 people or have to celebrate a party. The location is closed on Monday, but to rent for an event. I quickly took the pictures on my mobile. Once at home when uploading, I saw that the lighting is already eradiating a heart, do you see it?

Give yourself a visit, because it is more than worth it.

Everybody is a genius!

Quote Everybody is a genius

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