Marl sculpture Daelhemergroeve in Valkenburg aan den Geul

Favorite Friday: location of the week Daelhemergroeve

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Looking for a special event location in Limburg, outside the city? Far away from a hall between 4 walls and a static environment. Then this venue in Limburg is something for you! The Daelhemergroeve in the marl quarries in Valkenburg aan de Geul. I did photographed here at a business meeting. You can go here for a presentation, meeting with a team building activity. Or by the end of the year in sight you can turn this location over for a Christmas party for the staff. Be surprised by this unique location.


This underground historical limestone quarry is already 400 years old. At the beginning of last century, a model coal mine with a museum was realized here. Since the 1970’s it has also a catering destination, which has been extended to a venue in the 90’s.

Venue in Limburg

If you walk into the Daelhemergroeve, you will end up in the restaurant. In the middle of the restaurant you can take down the steep staircase where the toilets and the party cave are. The party cave can accommodate 10 – 350 people. For business meetings such as a presentation, the space can accommodate about 30 people. For a party you can go out of the maximum number. This venue also features a wireless secure WiFi connection.

The entrance of the space has a narrow passage which gets a little wider towards the end. On the left is the buffet with coffee/tea and of course the real Limburg flans should not be missing. On the right are the standing tables that continue. At the end of the room is the seating area with chairs for the meeting. Here is a screen and behind it there is a kind of DJ booth with light and a sound system. If you walk past the buffet on the left, you will come to a bar. On the right of this you will see a narrower corridor with emaciated images. This entrance leads to a smaller room with standing tables, which is ideal for drinks. The total space is to organize itself for a party, meeting or sit down dinner.

Buffet of Limburg pies Daelhemergroeve in Valkenburg aan den Geul
Buffet of Limburg pies
Venue Daelhemergroeve in Valkenburg aan den Geul


Do you ever come to venues, which you still have to design to create more atmosphere? This is not necessary at this venue in Limburg. I already get a warm feeling when I walk in, even though it’s in a cave, underfloor heating has been laid out here. I didn’t think it was cold. The marl quarry as a venue is already unique and very special that something like this is underground. With mood lighting you can already do a lot. On the tables and sides there are candlesticks with candles everywhere or there are candle stands. Furthermore, LED lighting is used, which you can set in all kinds of colors.


Nodding knees got from sitting? No need, for more movement you can visit Mergelrijk after your meeting. Here you can see all kinds of marl- and sand sculptures. This way you can do a cave challenge as a team building. That’s a scavenger hunt in the underground cave system with all kinds of assignments and puzzles that you have to solve. For the active lings you can also go cave biking. Then you place a course of 8 to 10 kilometers through the 70 kilometer long corridor system. Under the guidance of a guide, you’ll be looking for the most beautiful places of the cave.

Bubbling highlight

At the end of the event we have the drink in a side wing of the restaurant. The drinks were served in various courses with small dishes. This was a walking dinner for me. What a culinary delight, this was! This is where food is handled creatively. The restaurant works with local products and seasonal vegetables from a local vegetable garden.

Are you expecting a bitterball at a drink? Here you get a healthy sandwich beet ball, which tastes delicious. Others dishes that include were served: wraps with salmon, with Japanese chicken skewers and also the fries tasted super. Very surprising or maybe not, was a black colored ice cream served. How appropriate? Their so-called: coal ice. It melts on you tongue and whose tongue does not turn black haha.

Dessert buffet Daelhemergroeve in Valkenburg aan den Geul

So if you want a nice dining address at this venue in Limburg, you can only go to the restaurant.

Customer experience

The journey to it already makes a experience. You drive through the village Valkenburg aan de Geul and then you drive up the Cauberg. Halfway is located in the Daelhemergroeve. Although everything is undergrounds, I have the especially perceive disclosing as a highlight. This is a nice peak experience on the end, which is very nice for the customer experience. For the venue, this is very very important, because customers then remember you positively.

Address: Daalhemerweg 31a, Valkenburg aan de Geul
Navigation adress for free car park across the street is: Daalhemerweg 144 (with parking coin)

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