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HUP Hotel

Do you like sports and special hotels? Otherwise, you will be moving into this hotel. The HUP Hotel in Mierlo, North Brabant, calls itself “the most sporty hotel in the Netherlands”. Ideal for a team building, sportive getaway with the family. Focused at four pillars: Active, stimulating, social and experiencing for business as a the leisure market.

Together with MICE Industry Professionals we visited during the 24 Carlton Experience this rural hotel, part of the Carlton Hotel Collection. I can tell you this visit has on me and everyone else made a lot of impression. The whole hotel encourages you as a guest to move. Everything breathes SPORT. In addition to the hotel there is a sports museum and you can go for fitness, squash, bowling, wellness and swimming. But also for meetings, restaurant, a take away or a children’s party.

PLAY: Lobby

When you walk into the lobby to check in, you’ll be the first to notice the “hello you” yellow letters with neon lights. The reception desk also stands out with its green colour. The material is made of rubbery gymnastics mats. On the wall behind the reception desk there are all kinds of sports and game attributes such as a tennis racket, baseball bat, hockey stick and a trophy. In the middle you can see a kind of wooden staircase, especially for the small sports enthusiasts. Once checked in you can choose to go between your “bedroom” or take the “sports route”. Lines and sports symbols allow you to choose your path.

What also struck me right away is the slide to the left of the entrance and reception. How cool is that?! After checking in, the slide triggered me right away and went for the “glad I slide” experience. Ai, once upstairs I found it quite scary by such a tube down, too long ago. Got an adrenaline feeling when I glee down. Pretty crazy, but it gave me a wonderfully childish feeling. There is also an old gym spring cabinet at the slide. Remember these, just like the springbok?

Behind these play attributes you will find the bar and lounge area. Here you will find lounge swings and lounge sofas and at the bar several seating areas or your can sit at the bar.

The route to…

Tired and satisfied after an inspiring day I followed the sleeping route to the fourth floor, where my room was. Even by the elevator, you’ll still be encouraged to move. With lyrics such as: “There is no elevator to success take it step by step” and at the stairs: “Burn baby burn”. Well the disco was already about it. Ok, I admit it, I chose the elevator anyway and even on the mirror is the text: “Push yourself, not the button”. Too hilarious and so on thought about it. By the way, my morning gymnastics was the stairs.


The sports theme is even fully implemented in the rooms. I still have never had such a sporty bedroom. HUP HUP HUP and sports socks on your bed, for the sports activities the next day. A skippyball, itself above the trash ban was a basketball. The mirror was in the form of a punching ball with stage number 1 step and seat in one. Above my bed, the quote said: “Well done is better than well said”. Every detail has also been thought of in the bathroom.

Sporty hotel room at the HUP Hotel in Mierlo
Sporty hotel room

How about the text on the shower gel: “Makes your body smell like little pony” and shampoo with the text: “Makes your hair look like woow” and hand soap: “Makes your hand feel like a baby”. You can use a recycled gymnastics ring for putting your bad towels. How great is that!


After a delicious breakfast buffet we got a presentation on the vision and building of the HUP brand. Then we went against it and in small groups we did several sports and game activities. We started with a true icebreaker as warm up, how else can it be off the slide and HUP to the sports halls.

Sporting activity at the HUP Hotel in Mierlo

First we could kick a football against an interactive foodball wall, where your foot speed is measured, the highest score wins the fame. A wonderful fanatical start. Then we could hit our way on the mini golf course. Always exciting how many strokes you have to hit before the ball disappears into the hole. Then we searched our entertainment to the table tennis. We ran laps to keep the ping pong ball on the table. Mmm still difficult, but 10 strokes was our record! After we warmed up we could also play golf with a visual screen as a golf course. At the end of the ride we went as teams to do table football against each other. A wonderful sportive beginning of the day.

MEET: Meeting rooms

HUP has 16 rooms with coupled larger spaces 1 to 3, which accommodate up to 600 people and also the many break-out and meeting rooms. Here too, the sport theme has been implemented. Which is also very nice, the cinema room with a wooden stand with cushions that you can put in all shapes yourself. We slumped on football sitting bags and before we moved on we got a brain teaser. The best part is the HUP ball pit, full of yellow balls and where you can really meet or use it as a break.

EAT: Restaurant

In addition to breakfast, you can also enjoy grill and bowling in the restaurant, even for non-hotel guests. You can also pick up your ordered pizza here. How special is that? All the fun comes to an end and we got a well-grooming take away packed for the way.

Wow what a great location is this! I can confirm that this is the most sporty hotel in the Netherlands! It has activated me with sports and play, encouraged to take the stairs and above all a lot of the slide down, exercise socially in a team and, above all, undergo many beautiful experiences and immerse yourself!

Thanks to Linda Kerkhoven, Vera de Haan and Laura Heukels for this beautiful experience of the 24 Carlton Experience.

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