• Greatest location

    10 Online marketing tips for direct website bookings

    The digital roller coaster of 2020. Fear, tension, prickly feeling, having ideas, being out of control, but still wanting to continue. Recognizable? Online visibility is especially now completely unthinking from our existence. Times change, including online behavior. Everyone is now online more than ever and is stimulated by the online flow of information. I’ll give you 10 online marketing tips for free. You’re in a lot more control than you…

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  • Vergaderen bij Hof van Vijfeijken



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  • Vergaderzaal Botanic Garden in Van der Valk Zaltbommel

    5 Meeting trends of 2020 and the surprises at Van der Valk

    Do you also think meeting doesn't have to be boring? Do you want to meet undisturbed outside the office and are you looking for a surprising meeting address wherever you can sleep? Read along for the 5 meeting trends of 2020 and for inspiring surprises at Van der Valk, because meeting outside the door has many advantages! 5 Meeting Trends of 2020 Standing meetings For a few years, standing meetings…

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  • Marl sculpture Daelhemergroeve in Valkenburg aan den Geul

    Favorite Friday: location of the week Daelhemergroeve

    Looking for a special event location in Limburg, outside the city? Far away from a hall between 4 walls and a static environment. Then this venue in Limburg is something for you! The Daelhemergroeve in the marl quarries in Valkenburg aan de Geul. I did photographed here at a business meeting. You can go here for a presentation, meeting with a team building activity. Or by the end of the…

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  • Sterrenstudio De Ster van Dwingeloo

    Special overnight stay in Drenthe

    The Star of Dwingeloo Planning a relaxed weekend getaway? Looking for a stay near the nature in Drenthe? Then, as a tip, I can highly recommend the star studio of B&B De Ster van Dwingeloo. Well in advance I booked our stay at Arina and Marco of The Star of Dwingeloo. I was looking for a small-scale accommodation, which fits in to the theme of our mini break. Our theme…

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  • At the Northcape in Groningen

    Wad to be seen in Groningen?

    I will take you in this blog with our road trip to some of the greatest-to-go spots on the wadden coast in Groningen. I’ll give you tips on sights, which you can visit for free and where parking is also free. Wad to be seen in Groningen? If you like the nature and her silence, there are plenty of fun locations to discover in the north of the Netherlands. For…

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