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On this page I share with your blog articles with all about content marketing for venues, hotels/B&B’s and restaurants in the event and hospitality industry.

Content is king by SEO and Social Media

What is content marketing?

Marketing is a broad concept. In short, marketing; that you respond to a customer’s needs by promoting and distributing your product/service. So all the activities that bring buyer and seller together.

If you’re looking for the definition of ‘content’ in the Van Dale, you’ll find the word “satisfied.” Content is an English word, which gained more notoriety in 1996. In 1996, Bill Gates shouted the words “content is king.” Either ‘content is key’ and the key to your success.

Content is the collective name of all kinds of content information that is shared. That could be text, image or sound. Writing content is very important. This is how you can show it; what you or your company stand for. If you create and distribute a lot of valuable content, you can get an engaged and loyal audience that can bind you and your business and have it activated. That’s actually content marketing. So you look at the needs and interests of your target group and help them solve a question or problem. Writing content is different from a lyricist who often writes general texts. Online writing also goes far beyond a simple text, because of course you want to be found. This includes search engine optimization (SEO: Search Engine Optimization) and analytical tools.

Content marketing for venues in the event and hospitality industry

I help you as a location in the event and hospitality industry with valuable content to be visible online and to connect more with your target group/customers. From my work as Executive Secretary and Event Manager I have always booked locations. I was always on the hunt for great special locations for my managers and clients. Even if I have a private dinner or walk somewhere, I ask about the possibility of meeting or capacity for a larger event. Often I take some pictures and ask for a card that I write some keywords about that location. I also always like to discover special hotels or B&B’s in a special place, which like me hospitality are of paramount importance. It’s in my DNA and now 21 years on I want my passions to come together. My sense of a great location, whether that’s a venue, hotel/B&B or restaurant, I want to help with online content marketing. I’m a good audience because I’ve always booked locations.

Direct bookings for your location

Online marketing is still new for the majority of locations. For online findability, locations often connect to various online platforms to be found and booked. And the platform gets a fairy. If you start, you could choose to gain more name recognition and introduce your target group. Whether you’re a venue, hotel/B&B or restaurant. Often the purchase process is the same. But do you know that you can also be found directly by customers yourself, if you set up your website on this?

You have a lot more control than you think. It starts with your audience and describing goals. If you know exactly this, you can help in the need and respond to it. You can create a good technical website with current SEO proof content (findable in Google). The structure and structure of the website plays a major role in this. Furthermore, with connecting social media channels, where your target audience is located, you can be even more visible online. Also dare to comment on social media and engage in the conversation with your target audience.

Times change, too. The young generation of professionals searches online differently than the older generation. This may also vary from one profession to one. You should also take this into account in the online findability. Especially in this fast time, you’ll have to excite people and show what your location has to offer.

Keep an eye on this page for more content marketing blog articles for events and hospitality locations. On the About Greatest location page I tell more about my services and about myself.

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