• Marl sculpture Daelhemergroeve in Valkenburg aan den Geul

    Favorite Friday: location of the week Daelhemergroeve

    Looking for a special event location, outside the outskirts? Far away from a hall between 4 walls and a static environment. Then this one in event location in Limburg is something for you! The Daelhemerquarry in the marl caves in Valkenburg aan de Geul. For a few weeks I photographed here at a business meeting. You can go here for a presentation, meeting with a team building activity. Or by…

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    1 November 2019 By Samira
  • Citybus from1965 Leyland-Verheul

    FAM Trip Haarlem

    You will be asked to find a venue for your event. Searching and booking can be a time-consuming job. These days there are so many venues. I can help you with this and have done pre-work. This time I bring Haarlem to the attention. The other day I was invited by Haarlem Marketing to their FAM Trip. FAM means “familiarization trip”. This event is organized specifically for Event Managers, PCO’s…

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    9 July 2019 By Samira
  • Voorzijde ingang hidden venue De Wagenschuur in Wassenaar

    A great hidden venue

    Are you looking for a quiet rural location for a management team meeting, meeting, relationship event, team building or meeting? Then you're here at the right place! This hidden gem is hidden in the nature of the Randstad near The Hague. With over 20 hectares, this event location is versatile and has spacious capacity for small and large groups both indoors and outdoors. There is also approx. 100 cars free…

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    4 April 2019 By Samira
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