• Vergaderen bij Hof van Vijfeijken

    Working in quarantine

    Uncertain times for the event industry. Many venues, restaurants and destinations are affected by the coronavirus with the lockdown and the cancellation of events. Fortunately, as a result, there are entrepreneurs who think about it and make a virtue of the need by using their location for home workers.

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    19 maart 2020 By Samira
  • Vergaderzaal Botanic Garden in Van der Valk Zaltbommel

    5 Meeting trends of 2020 and the surprises at Van der Valk

    Do you also think meeting doesn't have to be boring? Do you want to meet undisturbed outside the office and are you looking for a surprising meeting address wherever you can sleep? Read along for the meeting trends of 2020 and for inspiring surprises at Van der Valk, because meeting outside the door has many advantages!

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    31 januari 2020 By Samira
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