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Discover the blossom locations in the Haspengouw

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Fruit blossom orchard in the Haspengouw in Belgium
Fruit blossom orchard in the Haspengouw

Have you ever been in the Haspengouw? In
my blog I share some blossom locations: blossom walking trails, blossom bars and where you can sleep. This fruit region is located in Belgian Limburg and is the largest fruit region in Europe after South Tyrol. It smells so good here. Ideal getaway to sharpen all your senses. Are you coming to discover the blossom locations?

April (199

From Sint-Truiden, Borgloon to Tongeren you will find countless activities here to celebrate the blossom season. Keep an eye on the blossom meter, because nature is not guided. The first blossoms began to bloom as early as early March/early April. I've been told that it starts with the cherries (pink), then the pears (white) and last the apple (pink) blossom. This can of course vary. From April to early May, the sloping fertile landscape is enchantingly beautiful, with rows full of pink and white blossom trees.

From May – October

After the blossom period, the fruit will grow and there will also be several fruit events. Later there are several tours in the vineyards.

Blossom locations in the Haspengouw in Belgium
Blossom locations in the Haspengouw

To discover: touring, stairs or steps?

In advance we had picked out a few blossom events, because the area is very large to discover everything in 1x. There are several routes to explore fruit zone: by car, vespa scooter, bike (e-bike is recommended with all those hills) or on foot. We have explored the Haspengouw by car and participated in the activities in the vicinity of Sint-Truiden. There are several locations where you can park your car and then take a blossom walk. Whatever you choose, every tour shows its great spots. There are plenty of stops, where you can picnic or rest on a blossom terrace with local produce.

Blossom locations in the Haspengouw: walks and blossom bars

Le Bon Vinvant

This blossom terrace is located on the Hondsberg in Zepperen. The car can be parked at the children's farm on the Zwartweidestraat and then it is about 1 km walk. Blossom walks are also organized from here. Rows full of beautiful blossoms, very very beautiful to see. Furthermore, a stellar is placed, where you have a nice overview of the blossoms. At the blossoms is a terrace where you can eat and drink with local produce such as white brushes with applesauce, Haspengouwse burgers, regional beer and various Haspengouwse wines and bubbles. On Friday there is a bbq with a campfire.

BFV Blossom Bar

This one of the larger blossom terraces is located in Velm, a municipality of Sint-Truiden. The car is best parked on attenhovestraat and from here it is 0.9 miles walk to the blossom terrace. From the municipal square in Velm it is 2.5 km hiking, but from here also goes a shuttle service (a golf cart). When you smell the blossom, you're almost haha. Here too a beautiful blossom sea. There is a 3 km walk along the apple and pear plantations.

Here you really feel in the Haspengouw Hills, very nice detail are the white Haspengouw "Hollywood-like" letters that show off on the rolling hills. On either side of the path you can lounge on the sun loungers, sit on the fruit boxes or hang at the standing tables at the bar. In the middle is the indoor lounge bar, where you can eat and drink. Beyond the bar is the stage where local artists perform and music for young and old.

Evening walk/Nocturnes at blossom locations in the Haspengouw

In the evenings there is also plenty to do. Firepots nocturnes are held at various locations. In the evenings you walk through the orchards with firepots burning. A guide tells fruit stories, but not only during the blossom period these noctures are kept. Furthermore, nocturnes are also organized in the wine season between the vineyards (in September and October).

5x Great overnight stay at blossom locations in the Haspengouw

After an active walking day, it's nice to have a location in advance where you can stay or stay, as the Flemish say, to rest. Like the many blossoms, you have a lot of B&Amp;Bs here, but also original overnight addresses*. How about the following locations?

  1. Camping in an orchard Lo
    vely old fashioned camping among the blossoms. You can stay overnight. Wake up in your own tent and smell the blossoms. In a tent can max. 4 people stay overnight. Lo
    cation: Fruit company Porreye in Sint-Truiden during the blossom season.
  2. Between the highest t
    reesIn Borgloon you can sleep all year in a holiday unit for 6 people. Breakfast on your terrace (in good weather of course) and wakes up between the fruit trees.
  3. Pole campi
    ngWant to stay at altitude, you can. These locations are located along the long-distance hiking trails. To unwind, these locations are not accessible by car. Some locations: Speelboomgaard Grootloon and Jesseren in Borgloon, Hemelspark in Kortessem and Kerkom in Sint-Truiden.
  4. Glamping
    Have your fear of heights or love more luxury, but you still want to stay in nature. Of course, you're probably going to glamate. Wake up in one of the six tents with a comfortable bed and bathroom. L
    ocation: Domain of the Good of Gothem in Heers.
  5. Treetents/Tranendreef
    Now I hear you think, what the hell is that? For the greatest experience you sleep in a tree tent, which takes the form of a tear-shaped sculpture. In a drift to hex castle are the designed Treetents by artist Dré Wapenaar. This special experience can be experienced from April to September. You can book at Toerisme Borgloon.

*Source: Association of Haspengouwse municipalities and tourist offices

More inspiration for walks? You can download many routes and find information on hiking routes in Limburg.

Treetents-Tranendreef by Dré Wapenaar
Treetents designed by Dré Wapenaar

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