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5 Meeting trends of 2020 and the surprises at Van der Valk

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Do you also think meeting doesn't have to be boring? Do you want to meet undisturbed outside the office and are you looking for a surprising meeting address wherever you can sleep? Read along for the 5 meeting trends of 2020 and for inspiring surprises at Van der Valk, because meeting outside the door has many advantages!

5 Meeting Trends of 2020

Standing meetings

For a few years, standing meetings have been hot! Well, warm you get it It'll be if you have to stand tall. The blood can flow well and is therefore good for your health. Especially with an office job, where you sit a lot. Then meeting a welcome distraction. An additional advantage is that meeting topics quickly come to the heart of the meeting. Everyone recognizes that sleep-inducing meetings do. So you prevent bankless meetings, that you almost fall asleep. With standing meetings, you will be fit-on-the-job! Within you can also incorporate all kinds of health objectives into this.


This application actively allows meeting participants to be active motivated by deploying game elements. Through a game, there can be a problem is analyzed and solutions are shared. I can for example, a type of goose board game, where participants with a pawn run on a different issue of the organisation. With a game you'll find connect and come to a solution in a relaxed way. Scores you're extra motivated, because you want to win.

Poster meeting room Jungle in Van der Valk Zaltbommel

Sustainable meetings

I don't really think sustainability is a trend, but it's becoming more and more Commonplace. There are several ways where you can apply sustainability. At external meetings can be chosen for the green key venues. These are locations that have a green label and have that sustainability throughout the organisation Applied. Think of an organic lunch, economical use of energy and water, no plastic and reducing waste and recycling. In internal meetings, you make sure that everything is distributed digitally (and puts security for turn to) and that the calendar and minutes are visible on one big screen.

Meditation and mindfulness

How many participants get stressed into a meeting and often too Let. Or don't feel like another meeting in one day. Recognizable? Attention-oriented meeting is so important to achieve results Come. Often people find meditation and mindfulness shaky, but that's what it takes to not to be. In large technical organisations, at the beginning of a safety moment and examples are discussed on security issues at office and projects. Why not a meditation moment for your inner rest and safety of three minutes before the meeting starts. Breathing room creates more focus and more focused attention. Think of healthy brainfood snacks or take a walk at long meetings.

Bleisure (business & pleisure)

A mix between meetings & incentives. This amalgamation can be seen in many organizations once a year as a kind of team building day or MT-heidag (management team). Many more organizations want fun during a meeting day. The meeting sessions are often spread over several days and an incentive program is created around it, where fun and getting to know each other in a casual atmosphere is gaining ground.

In conclusion, I can say that in the above trends health and fun prevails. That's not crazy. The better you feel, the more motivated you are. And for organizations, this means healthy, motivated employees for results and solutions. So investing in meetings is Not so crazy yet. Read along below for the benefits of external meetings.

Seating area in jungle meeting room in Van der Valk Zaltbommel

The benefits of external meetings

There are various consultation structures in each organisation such as: bilateral, project consultation, department al-sections, works council and management team. In some organizations, 80% of the time meets. Yes, you read it right. Whether that is always efficient, i have doubts about it. About. As you've read in meeting trends, external conferencing efficiently increasing:

  1. Get out of the office environment. An inspiring environment brings you to different thoughts.
  2. No distractions and undisturbed meetings – more Focus.
  3. Deliberate meetings by investment of the renting a venue.
  4. Better facilities. Think of technology, catering Etc.
  5. A bleisure program tailored to the venue.

Last year I have been to a number of Van der Valk hotels. They have long since been the standard hotel of the past, but focus next to the private market also in the business MICE industry. MICE stands for Meetings, Incentives, Conferences & Exhibitions. I was at these locations pleasantly surprised, what they have to offer as a venue. Something you're all not expected. Are you reading along?

The surprises at Van der Valk

Who knows the organization with the canon can't. When Van der Valk in the mid-1950s the Avifauna Bird Park bought, the Company logo. The toecan is a large, cheerful and cosy appearance, some fits well with Van der Valk's image. Van der Valk remains his empire expand with new locations or carry out a thorough renovation in existing Locations. The hotels belong to two branches: Van der Valk Exclusive and Valk Surprised.

I came to visit the locations below and by location I show you her secrets!

  • Van der Valk Zaltbommel – A2
  • Van der Valk Golden Lion Advances
  • Van der Valk Schiphol – A4

Van der Valk Zaltbommel – A2


  • 117 hotel rooms
  • 13 multifunctional meeting rooms
  • Restaurant Salt
  • Hotel bar the M.C. Café
  • Fitness center

This is so special meeting address! This location is centrally located on the A2, between Utrecht and Den Bosch. The building has two car parks and two entrances: the hotel/restaurant and the meetings/events section. You can park here for free and electric cars can be charged. There are also Tesla fast chargers, which are only fully charged in 15 to 20 minutes. The train station is 5 minutes away.

I walked into the meeting/events section over the shiny black marble floor. On several floors are the 13 multifunctional meeting rooms.

Discobollen conference room Disco in Van der Valk Zaltbommel

Meeting doesn't have to be boring

I've seen that at this location! There are nine rooms that are named after an area or river in the area such as the Bommelerwaard, Maas and Waal. There's even a cinema room. With handy gadgets like a Catch & speak "catchbox", wireless microphone, which you can use for the ask around.

The five very special meeting rooms on the 3rd floor are the eyecatchers and ice-breaking. One by one inspiring. Like you have been able to read, its environment and atmosphere of a major influence on the effectiveness and productivity of your business meeting.

You can choose from the following themes:

  • Yellow Room
  • Jungle
  • Botanic Garden
  • Chalet
  • Disco

Yellow Room

Boardroom 12 people

Explosion! That sums up this space, but in a positive way. Do you dare to step over the threshold of this yellow space? See the world during your meeting session through yellow glasses. From floor to ceiling, everything is yellow. Yellow has a positive effect and stimulates the brain. It stimulates and creates interaction. If you get stuck and have a meeting, you can react to the yellow punching bag that hangs there. That's why the Yellow Room is very suitable for a creative brainstorming session. Bet you'll come back with ideas!


Different table setups of 16 to 40 people in theatre form

Into the jungle without being attacked by animals. Use your primal instinct with meetings and go off on your first feeling. This space has two beautiful wall prints with flamingos and a bridge that takes you into the jungle. The other wall is one large black chalkboard, which overflows into the black ceiling. The floor is made of wood.

Botanic Garden meeting room in Van der Valk Zaltbommel

Botanic Garden

Carré 10 people

Already rocking and mindfulness come up with ideas. This one is my favourite, sit delicious and yet are on the move in a green oasis. Meet under wicker pendant lamps in dito hanging wicker rocking chairs. In sleep falling is no longer there and otherwise the plant wall does cause Oxygen. The other walls are intended to collect input. So is one side made entirely of cork, with which you use punaises all the information or ideas on can prick the bulletin board. On the other hand, three roller holders hang with solid brown wrapping paper, which can serve as flipover, for example. Furthermore, it can paper is also torn off and used for a table session and then on Attach the bulletin board.


Carré 14 people

The Austrian feeling, that you are at the top of the mountain and that you have the world can handle with a wide view.

This room is the largest and has an elongated wooden trunk table with good armchairs. The light comes from large deer antler chandeliers. Also here is one wall with a chalkboard.

"Write your funky ideas and groovy notes here"

Meeting session Disco in Van der Valk Zaltbommel
Meeting Room Disco


Boardroom 12 people

When entering this room, you may already step up swinging the illuminated, non-moving, meeting platform. Here you feel like you're in the setting of a Saturday night fever movie. The meeting table is an LP plate with disco bulbs, how could it be otherwise, on the ceiling. Here also a black chalkboard wall, where you can write funky ideas and groovy notes on it.

All creative meeting rooms also have daylight on one side. Which one meeting trends do you see coming back in the above location?

Van der Valk Zaltbommel – A2
Adres: Hogeweg 65, Zaltbommel

Van der Valk The Golden Lion Advances


  • Green Key Gold label
  • 142 hotel rooms
  • 12 Meeting rooms, max. 400 p.
  • Restaurant Upstairs (1st floor)
  • Outdoor area:
  • Mimi dining room
  • Fresh market
  • Ivy Boutique Wellness
  • Mid-spring/summer 2020:
  • Opening pancake restaurant and nature farm

This is the place where it all started with the first Van der Valk Hotel. With all the facts in a row, I think this is the location with the most versatile offer in one location: a Van der Valk Bleisure Experience.

Ivy Boutique Wellness front in Voorschoten


The Golden Lion has been given the green key gold label by have invested in sustainability. On the building is a heat pump installation which produces heat and converts into energy. The hotel and the wellness is equipped with warm water. Upstairs works with organic products in the kitchen. With the construction of the nature farm, the intention is to that cheese and eggs are produced, among other things, themselves. In the facts you can read that this location has a lot of bleisure. The previous Van der Valk business central and now I take you to the trends: pleasure and meditation/mindfulness.

Ivy Boutique Wellness

Behind the hotel is the newly built Ivy Boutique Wellness. Ivy is part of The Golden Lion and since October 2019 all Ivy's activities opened.

Hotel guests, but also outside guests, can relax here and sports. If you walk in; falls like the beautiful little black and white mosaic tiled counter on. In this room there is also the lounge, where you can go for the healthy appetite. How about a smoothie bowl or freshly squeezed juice? In the middle of the lounge you can fire Are. From this space you have a view of the pool.


The décor is very stylish. This is shown by the many tight black and white influences with various cushions in ochre yellow and light colors. Everything fits perfectly together.

Ivy Boutique Wellness lounge
Ivy Boutique Wellness lounge

In the interior you will find various furniture and accessories from Asia. The Van der Valk family loves to travel and has brought a number of items himself to make the location radiate more atmosphere and warmth. I call it Bali chic. If you walk to the fancy dressing rooms, I immediately notice the doorknob. This is no ordinary, but a jaguar doorknob of brass. Throughout the building you come wooden cutting accessories.

Ivy Boutique Wellness jaguar doorhandle


Go with the flow. At Ivy you can relax all day and let it spoil! Ivy is open from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. The sauna area goes open at 10:00 a.m. A big advantage of a boutique wellness is that it less large and clear and that makes it cosy. Hygiene is here Good. Below is the range of facilities.

Ivy Boutique Wellness pool
Swimming pool

Swimming pool

How good it is to loosen your body after meeting, for example and swim laps. The indoor pool is spacious and 7.5 by 14 meters in size and 1.40 deep. Plenty of room to swim in the heated water and loosen the muscles. On the sunbeds or in the lounge corner by the pool, you can catch up. Feel like a fish in the water.

Ivy Boutique Wellness fish carvings


No desire to swim, but pure relaxation. Then go to the sauna area and experience peace. I was pleasantly surprised at the extensive range of saunas. There are warm and less warm saunas, something for everyone. You can choose from:

  • Finnish sauna
  • Light therapy sauna
  • Herb sauna
  • Salt sauna
  • Hammam
  • Caldarium
Ivy Boutique Wellness Caldarium in Voorschoten

After the sauna you can search for cooling in the plunge pool. There are also foot baths and a Jacuzzi. In between you can lie at the top of the rest room, hidden between white waving curtains. Looking out for the garden that is currently being built.


Previously, you have been able to read that meditation and mindfulness helps for your inner peace. On the 1st and 2nd floor you will find the sports spaces. Here you can participate in a yoga session or fitness. In addition to a meeting, you can combine Ivy with this mindfulness activity. Or if you have a multi-day meeting, let your body spoil with treatment.

Psst… there are also walking routes to De Horsten, for example the Seringenberg. Here you have a nice view over the area.

Beauty and massage treatments

The offer is very diverse. All kinds of beauty treatments can be performed such as: a manicure, pedicure, permanent makeup and facials. You can even come home with a fresh compartment. There are also several massages for body and mind. In short Ivy, is a well-being for body and mind and a welcome distraction for the business guest at The Golden Lion.

Ivy Boutique Wellness entrance sauna area

Van der Valk Hotel De Gouden Leeuw Advances & Ivy Boutique WellnessAd
dress: Veurseweg 180, Voorschoten

Van der Valk Schiphol A4


  • 22 Meeting rooms
  • 435 hotel rooms
  • Restaurant
  • Wellness
  • Indoor and outdoor gym
  • Free shuttle Schiphol

Anyone who drives to Schiphol from the South West knows this Van der Valk hotel is due to its central location on the Eastern half – in addition to the restaurant bridge of the A4. But at this hotel something special happens, what a lot of people might not know.


At the beginning of January 2020, the demolition of the south side of the Hotel. In 2022, a new 14-storey tower wing and 270 Rooms. The goal is to respond to conferences as important conference location of the Amsterdam region. The plan is to cover 5550 m2 spread over 22 spaces. You can go here for large (international) congresses, fairs, training meetings, parties and parties and other small and large events. There will even be a room of almost 1000 m2 with a 6 meter high ceiling and adjacent foyer with bar and a 36 meter long glass façade with a view.

With the new building, Van der Valk can offer Schiphol A4 space for total 725 rooms and a new restaurant that can serve 800 guests. In addition to the wellness and gym will also expand the fitness garden and the outdoor nature park Be.

Create a wow experience

Although this location falls to the exclusive branch of Van der Valk, I had a great wow surprise. Valk definitely surprises me at this location. Behind the hotel is a hidden boutique animal park: Stable v.d. Valkenhof. Something you don't expect at all at a Van der Valk on the A4. I was completely surprised when we got a tour of Billy van der Valk with Event Park Amsterdam. In the beautiful landscaped park you can see many Shetland ponies in the meadow. There's really a lot of them, and that's not for nothing. Van der Valk breeds Shetlanders himself and also participates in competitions. We were also allowed to take a look inside. In addition to the many Shetlanders, Van der Valk also has a special Ara and cockatoo collection. In the park there are also many avières with a colour parade full of different species of birds. Very nice to see how the animals make contact with you and sometimes talk to you yourself.

There are many more animals to see such as cows, sheep and donkeys. There during our visit was also a foal of the donkey. So cute to see that. This boutique animal park is a nice distraction during a meeting day and welcome surprise for the hotel guests.


In addition to the standard and superior rooms, this location has also appropriate suites to get into the mindfulness and bleisure trend Continue:

Jungle suite

A room, where the colors are black and green the base. There is a large square Jacuzzi and a double rain shower. Furthermore, you can go away lounging in your hammock.

Bali suite

This room also has a large square Jacuzzi and a double walk-in Rainshower. With a lot of nature and shades of green, you'll relax in this room.

Sauna suite

Imagine yourself in your own private thermen with a big round of Jacuzzi, steam shower, infrared and Finnish sauna.

Van der Valk Hotel Schiphol A4
Adres: A4 No. 3, Main Village

Whatever trend you apply for your location, make sure you're surprised. If you're surprised, people talk about you or photos are taken and online Shared. This makes you even more visible as a location and you will receive even more customers/ambassadors.

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