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Working in quarantine

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Uncertain times for the event industry. Many venues, restaurants and destinations are affected by the coronavirus with the lockdown and the cancellation of events. Fortunately, as a result, there are entrepreneurs who think about it and make a virtue of the need by using their location for home workers.

For example venue Hof van Vijfeijken in Boxtel. They quickly respond by claiming a domain name: By launching a temporary concept at their location for home workers. They now offer separate workplaces/temporary office spaces for teams or individuals.

Why is this location quarantine proof?

  • Located in an outdoor area yet easily accessible
  • Separate entrances with three separate rooms for rent
  • Various AV facilities and super-fast WiFi
  • Filled refrigerators
  • Overnight stay possible (eight bedrooms) with showers
  • No staff present and therefore less risk
  • Private parking + Tesla destination charger

Hof van Vijfeijken is an exclusive and small-scale meeting and training venue. The farm is located in an outdoor area of Boxtel. The location is centrally located in the triangle Den Bosch, Eindhoven and Tilburg. This makes the location easily accessible from the A2.

Garden Court of Vijfeijken
Garden Court of Vijfeijken

At the Court they strive for small scale and clarity in a private sphere. Normally, the host cooks for companies themselves, using local local and seasonal products. The area also lends sight to walks in nature. In addition, you can also unwind and stay overnight in the 12 bedrooms (in the normal situation). Of these, nine bedrooms for two people are furnished and three rooms are furnished for one person.

Look for an impression of the atmosphere and the possibilities for renting the spaces:

Together we stand strong. Stay healthy and take care!

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